What Is This & How Do I Win?

We Giveaway Hunts Through Live Draws with Public Odds.

You Purchase Seats to Enter

Once all seats are sold, we give the hunt away to a seat holder in a random & publicly streamed draw.

Known Odds Prior to Entry

Only 200 Total Seats Sold

All Entries and Winner Are Public

Live Streamed Video with Random Draw

Better Odds than Other Private Draws

Review on the Hunt Included with Seats

We Draw As Soon As the Seats Sell Out

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Tired of Giveaways That Never Announce the Odds?

Us Too. Let me explain how we’re different below.


A popular competitor just ended their latest giveaway with 2,700+ entries sold.

That means you are 5 times more likely to be born with 11 fingers than win that hunt.




You know, we know it.. the other guys want to sell as many tickets as possible for the most amount of profit. They hide how many tickets were sold, because its likely 1 in 5000, or 10,000, or much worse.


We sell 200 seats total. Period! Your odds are known prior to entry, and you can view every seat that was purchased before the draw.



The other guys sold 10,000 tickets and somehow a famous hunter or their personal friend won? Some don’t even publicly announce a winner. Yeah, that’s suspicious. 


Our draws are streamed live! You can watch the entire process on YouTube or Facebook live and the winner is announced publicly.


$10,000 VALUE

New Mexico Private Land Elk Hunt

This is considered a large bull for the area.

Hunt with an ILG reviewed outfitter in Northern New Mexico on a 5-day rifle or archery hunt on private land. The hunt will take place in Unit 57 on an unforgettable experience. All meals and lodging will be included. This is a fully guided hunt on private land. Opportunity rates are over 90% in prior years. The outfitter is open to adding hunters or guest at an additional fee. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to chase elk in beautiful New Mexico.


You will first arrive at the lodge, unpack, get comfortable, ensure all paperwork is in order, meet the staff, and go over the game plan. The winner will be retuning back to the lodge daily. There will be a combination of glassing from trucks, but mostly on foot. This is great country for spot and stalk style of hunting. There are great glassing benches that allow access to lots of country. It will be likely to see bears, antelope, deer, and elk. Truly one of our favorite spots in the lower 48. The outfitter can cater to individuals that have limited mobility or that like to “get up and go”.

This is the bull we harvested on this hunt and is average for the area.

This is considered a small bull for the area

This is a fully guided, 5-day elk hunt in Unit 57 NM. Lodging, meals and animal care are included. Processing is not included, but there is a local processer that will typically process an elk within 24 hours (associated cost is the winner’s responsibility). Winner will travel to and from Raton, New Mexico. All applicable tags and license required by NM Game and Fish. Winner will be provided required documentation needed for a private land elk tag. 



How Do I Know This Is Legit?

Don’t take our word for it. We welcome you to join our Facebook group and scroll through the history. You will see hundreds of posts (mailcalls) from our winners.

Do I Have to Watch to Win?

No, you do not have to watch the live video in order to win. You can watch it later when you have time. The full video stays up forever and can be replayed even after the live stream ends.

When are the Draws?

The draw is usually the night that the audience is full if closed by 8PM CST.  Otherwise its the following night at the same time. We announce the live event on our Facebook and YouTube.

What are Review Webinars?

Along with your seat in the giveaway, you also get our full review on the hunt we did with the outfitter.  This review + giveaway combo is how we try to give value to everyone, including those that didn’t win the hunt itself.

When is the Hunt?

We can hold it for you for as long as you need.  You can book next year, or 3 years from now. It doesn’t matter to us and you will never lose it.  We just work with the outfitter to book whenever you can.

Who Can Participate?

Hunts are open to all legal residents of the United States of America and the District of Columbia (U.S.) as well as Canada and any other international that can meet the local and federal requirements to hunt in the US.

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Cannot recommend this site and the reviews enough! If you’re wanting to see gear comparisons and enter to win the gear, this is where to be.

Zach Gill

I have nothing but a positive experience through this site. The earning gear is great. I have easily won more $ in gear than I have spent.

William Brine

I’ve won multiple items. Communication and promptness are top notch. Best run group I’ve ever been apart of

S.W Hammer