We Review & Giveaway Gear


You Purchase Seats to Enter

Once all 20 seats (tickets) are sold, we give the item away to a seat holder in a publicly streamed draw.

Only 20 Total Seats Sold Per Item
All Entries and Winner Are Public
Live Streamed Video with Random Draw


Tired of Giveaways That Never Seem to Have a Winner?

Us Too. Let me explain how we’re different below.


You know, we know it.. the other guys want to sell as many tickets as possible for the most amount of profit. They hide how many tickets were sold, because its likely 1 in 1000, or 5000, or much worse.


We sell 20 Seats total.  Period! Your odds are never less than 1 in 20, and you can purchase multiple seats to increase that even more.



The other guys sold 5,000 tickets and somehow their sponsored hunter or personal friend won? Some don’t even announce a winner. Yeah, that’s suspicious. 


Our draws are streamed live! You can watch the entire process on YouTube or Facebook live and the winner is announced publicly.

WATCH the DRAW process

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How Does This Work?

It’s a raffle + gear review. You purchase a seat on the item you want and that earns a ticket in the giveaway. Once all 20 seats are sold, we do a randomized live draw for the item winner.

Do I Have to Watch to Win?

No, you do not have to watch the live video in order to win. You can watch it later when you have time. The full video stays up forever and can be replayed even after the live stream ends.

When are the Draws?

The draw is usually the night that the audience is full if closed by 8PM CST.  Otherwise its the following night at the same time. We announce the live event on our Facebook and YouTube.

What are Review Webinars?

You may see people talking about our reviews and webinars.  Along with your seat in the giveaway, you also get a basic review on the item.  This review + giveaway combo is how we try to give value to everyone, including those that didn’t win the item itself.

How Do I Get My Item?

We will contact you to get the relevant information about the item you won. This includes your Size, Color, Pattern etc. We then order it from the official manufacturers website and have it shipped brand new straight to your door.

Which Countries Can Get In?

We cover shipping to US and Canada. Other internationals are welcome but will have to cover any extra shipping cost from the manufacturer. We don’t cover any additional taxes or duties your customs may charge you to receive the item. That’s between you and them.

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Cannot recommend this site and the reviews enough! If you’re wanting to see gear comparisons and enter to win the gear, this is where to be.

Zach Gill

I have nothing but a positive experience through this site. The earning gear is great. I have easily won more $ in gear than I have spent.

William Brine

I’ve won multiple items. Communication and promptness are top notch. Best run group I’ve ever been apart of

S.W Hammer

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